Nas manages to bring a new dimension into play, as far as bitcoin is concerned

Nas manages to bring a new dimension into play, as far as bitcoin is concerned

Nas the hip-hop heavyweight has made the dramatic career move when he started trading the trills of rap. The superstardom for the life in Silicon Valley’s tech startup scene.

As the founder of the venture capital form Queensbridge Venture Partner, Nasir Jones is the full name of Nas and he has invested in many projects which includes the popular Washio which is mobile laundry service, Lyft the ride sharing startup and the Fancy platform of the e-commerce, forging connections with the tenured VCs in the process.

Through the new relationships with Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz’s Ben Horowitz, the 40 year old has also seen interested in the burgeoning digital currency place.

Like Horowitz and Dixon, both are the vocal supporters for the movement of digital currency. Jones is similarly bullish about the potential of the bitcoin’s and having the directly investment in the Coinbase which is the financial service provider.

When they are speaking to the Coindesk in the interview, Jones has told that the bitcoin could be one of the best investment opportunities in history.

Bitcoin are evolving as the very big thing in industry and also bigger than the internet. Ben Horowitz has really opened his eyes to this thing. This is not the internet age but it is the bitcoin age.

Despite his enthusiasm, Jones has acknowledged still many people are perceiving bitcoin as very unsafe. However, they also suggested that such type of concerns may be overreacting and adding that the talent and time would be enough for overcoming this issues.

The challenges will arise from the privacy and security prospective, but the internet is same as before 20 years ago as stated by Jones.

Personal use of the bitcoin

Jones has confirmed that he and his team are buying the bitcoin for more than a year now and using the wallets which is provided by the coinbase for storing the funds. While his firm has also spent the accumulated bitcoins which he will revealed soon.

They said that they are holding them now and looking forward for making the transactions all in the near future.

In addition they are also interested in the economics of the bitcoin, Jones also harbours the passion for the digital currency which is underlying the below given ideology.

He said he was really inspired by the boundaries which people are pushing. Jones also said that the Bitcoin is seemed something like people bet against because the government is not welcoming it with the open arms and what they can’t control. But it is such a big idea that it can never be controlled.

Investment opportunities in Bitcoin

On the new investment front the Jones is indicating that he is still observing the digital currency space and seeking and identifying the potential opportunities and trends.

He also suggested that he also invest in the projects which are focused on bringing the bitcoin to the people with very little or no access to the banking service.

They will love to see how it is affecting the people who are not using the credit cards and don’t have any bank accounts. They said that bitcoin could be a very big opportunity for all those folks who are interested in bitcoins.

Jones has also discussed about his relationship with the team of Coinbase and given remarks that he is personally struck by the talent of the Coinbase.

He said that the Fred Ehrsam the founder of the Coinbase is a great guy and he is loving hip hop very much. How he cannot be get involved in this?